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Phinesse Translations is a translation and consulting firm owned and operated by Priscilla Hendrickson (C. Tr.), a bilingual translation professional with 20+ years’ experience providing leadership and translation in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries.

Phinesse Translations provides translation (French/English), revision/editing and proofreading services for a broad range of areas, as well as consulting services.

What we do

Whether you need translation or editing services or if you are looking for experienced help in optimizing your translation department, integrating a project management component, or a translation memory system, Phinesse Translations can help!

Language Services

Phinesse Translations offers a full range of language services at competitive rates.

  • Translation
  • Revision
  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing & stylistic editing

Consulting Services 

Phinesse Translations can help you integrate improved processes and efficiencies within your existing team.

  • Project management
  • Operating efficiencies
  • Translation technology: ex. MultiCorpora Prism Flow, Multitrans, SDL Trados Studio


Extensive translation experience

Areas of expertise



Legal contracts & legal documents

Human resources






About us

Phinesse Translations is operated by Priscilla Hendrickson, a bilingual translation professional and certified translator (OTTIAQ) with 20+ years’ experience in leadership and translation in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries.

Priscilla headed up the translation function at a major pharmaceutical company for a number of years. Clinical studies are one of her many areas of expertise and she also specializes in a number of therapeutic areas, including cardiology and oncology. Other areas include human resources, administration, legal contracts, finance and banking, to name a few. Priscilla works with the translation memory software, SDL Trados Studio 2017 to optimize process and streamline costs.

She served two terms as President and Co-President of the Rx&D Translation Group, an association comprised of Managers and translators from the innovative pharmaceutical industry.

Priscilla has an Honours BA in Translation from York University’s Glendon College and has been mentoring students through the translation school’s mentorship program since 2010. She is a certified translator with the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ).

Priscilla also has experience implementing new technologies and processes. In 2012, she led the successful implementation of a large project management and translation memory system at AstraZeneca. She also works with SDL Trados Studio 2017.

Priscilla has led the implementation of innovative translation team operating models that adapt to an organization’s changing needs, balance internal and outsourced resourcing requirements, as well as contain costs. She has managed a number of successive team restructuring initiatives while maintaining high engagement levels.


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